One-On-One Coaching

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  • Weekly Face to Face Training

    8x One Hour a week on Zoom Face to Face which you can record and keep it. Pretty much shoving you under my wing and then throwing you out of the nest...then fixing the broken wing and repeating to make you a total badass. Also, although you have a manager that walk you through the steps of a deal I will be hear for you to work through problems that they may not help with very much.

  • Role Play and Real Time

    I have found that there are 2 types of people I train. I see some people want to role play and talk about the options and outcomes to get comfortable with prospecting and presentation. Then there are those who I feel are ready and I will just listen in on their calls and critique. I bring either one to the table to help you be able to overcome all situations with ease.

  • Access to templates and Marketing Material

    The best way to get started on any big project is to just start. I help you take immediate action as we grow for the future. I will help you build your presentation package along with letters and any other marketing material to make you look like a pro when you do get to the table.

You have to want to...

You are paying me to step away from my business, my knowledge I share is the added bonus. You don't want to HAVE TO...

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    One time payment...NO REFUNDS because failure is not an option if your desire to succeed is strong enough

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