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  • How to Choose a Company

    The biggest decision you will make and you havent even started. They all sound good but how can you choose? Who will you work for? How to Negotiate Splits. Company promises and reputation? A list of questions to ask. Part-time of Full-time? What to expect. All included in this course.

  • How to pick a Territory

    Starting a career in this business revolves around effectively working a geographical territory or "Farm." Knowing how to identify and build this farm is critical to competing with the top agents in town and owning it. Following my systems you will learn how to stake your claim and become #1 as fast as possible.

  • Customer Service

    The lifeblood of your business is about creating a database of happy customers. Starting off with a strong foundation for efficient follow-up and client retention is the secret to the top Realtors in the business. This course will teach you how to leverage technology so you grow a successful business.

Over 4 hours of Knowledge

Only a top agent in the trenches could teach this stuff

    1. Choosing a company and Negotiating a Split

    2. Fees and splits and expectations

    3. What are the costs to Run a Business

    4. Do I join a Team or Go Alone

    5. How to do this Part Time

    1. Geography and Sphere of Influence

    2. Where to get Clients

    1. Customers and Database Management

    2. Where do I get Names and Numbers

    3. Do Not Call Compliance

    4. How Do I prioritize Potential Clients

    5. Sorting Customers by Their Needs

    6. Effective Follow up without "Bugging them"

    7. Prioritizing Follow Up and Lead Gen

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  • 14 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content


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