Success is a Mindset

My father would always say to me...

For nearly 3 hours I get in your head about the inner game of sales. Real estate is a mental game as much as it is a physically demanding career. The difference between failure and success in in your mindset. Having the right scripts and marketing materials mean nothing if you cannot handle the pressure of the roller-coaster and its turbulence. 

If You Can't You Must

My father would also say to me...

He was a great teacher and although he is not with us anymore, I learned a great deal from him. Like the word tenacity. A word he would use to describe my work ethic. How do I keep going? I must. In these lessons (nearly 3 hours) passed down from my father, I teach you how and why you must succeed .I have delivered talks on this subject from the highs and the lows and bring them to you in this series. Giving you the shot of inspiration you will surely need when times are good and bad.
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