What The Challenge Includes

  • Daily Lessons and Content

    Every day for 100 days you will watch a video or download a lesson that will help you on your way to door knocking success. Starting with a 30 minutes door knocking tutorial on all things door to door.

  • Fast response and support

    If you run into a problem and cannot solve it, just ask for help. I will be on the streets with the same challenge but I will take a moment to help you succeed either by phone or text, I am here to help you rock the knock.

  • Private Facebook Group Access

    Because I will be providing real time updates and streaming a lot of my challenge to you there will be a group only for those who have stepped up to the challenge. There I will provide frequent check ins and accountability among our peers during the time of our challenge.

  • Begin Today!

    Although my challenge begins on a Monday, you should not have an excuse not to go out. Once you purchased the program the first 2 weeks will be there to binge watch and setup your campaigns and templates. I designed the course to get you out and knocking NOW!

  • Go at your Own speed.

    I understand that some of you might not want to hit the ground running. This is a very real and intense challenge. there will be work involved and a lot of walking. this is for those who want a listing NOW! The faster you go the faster you list. Just try to keep up, and never give up. this works.

  • You Cannot Fail!

    Don't take my word for it... Actually you should. I would not do this if it did not feed my family and provide my this lifestyle. I have to work really hard. Doorknocking works. If you put in the effort you will succeed. I guarantee it.

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