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  • Gain fearless confidence

    Some people do not care to comply. I do and so should you. By complying with the do not call list, you eliminate a fear of telephone prospecting. No more excuses. Learning how to setup the DNC in mojo and maintain monthly compliance eliminates the risk of getting busted.

  • Register and Download to Mojo*

    A step by step tutorial on how to register, download and import you Do NOt call list to integrate with you Mojo database. * Mojo only checks their data not yours, and they still tell you that you are alone and liable in compliance. Especially if you buy outside lists like I recommend.

  • Mojo Database Setup

    This lesson is probably one of the most important videos you can watch. When I work with One ON ONe students at all production levels, the one thing I find that holds them back is their database set up and workflow. If the fortune is in the follow up then this is the proper way to generate leads and follow up efficiently.

Course curriculum

    1. Do Not Call List Compliance

    1. Mojo Database setup

    2. Do Not call list and Mojo

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  • 3 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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