Course Features and Benefits

This may be the final frontier for local

  • LIMITED! One Agent per City

    That's right... there can only be one digital mayor. this method will dominate the town as the definitive source for what is going on. Once I lock someone into the town it's gone.

  • Not what you are thinking

    I have cracked the code and NO this is this is not the typical "Buzz" groups, or "News You can Use" groups that you KNOW are HUGE in your town. (many are agent run btw) This is way more. You control the feed, You control the content and you control the tone. This is all done with VERY little cost and effort.

  • Be the Source for the City

    GaryV said it best. You need to be the Digital Mayor in this day and age. By knowing everything that is happening and sharing it you will become the go to business. How? By creating a community page that is providing valuable news and events. many will readily become willing to be a part of your community.

  • Give Value and Get Known

    Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Give, Give, Give Then Ask. People can see right though your agenda. If you are not coming from a place of contribution and value there is no reason for anyone to care. You can do so much good using this method that getting your name out there will be guiltless. Be the host of the party and if you are genuine than they will like you.

  • The proof is in the data

    This is NOT a LEAD Generation tactic. think more of a brand awareness model similar to placing your open house signs in the ground or on a shopping cart. It is difficult to track ROI on a newletter or a vehicle wrap so why would you expect this here? this is a place where I personally generated thousands of "engagements" through PASSIVE marketing.

  • The Future of Marketing

    Let's put it this way. I cannot reveal anything of what I am doing here other than show you my stats and insights on the back end of how many eyes I attract. within one year of my release of this product Every city will be locked out because EVERY Agent will do this FOR SURE! It's too easy and too cheap.

  • How will this work?

    You will watch a video on the step by step setup of each component. This will not be's pretty time might even want to hire me as a one on one instead and then have me walk you through it. The process from beginning to end is about 5 hours. Once the feed is set then IF you want to grow faster then we can talk about advertising. But it is not needed. I never did.

  • You are the newspaper PHASE ONE

    Becoming the digital Mayor will be fun and challenging. Soon I will launch a phase two and three of this program that implements Podcasting and then Video. Look for those to come out. Better yet just hire me one on one and we will build it.