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  • Prepare

    You will log into a lesson on topics that will leave to getting faster and stronger in all aspects of the real estate business from brand to business building. I am constantly learning and adding content to my own arsenal as an active agent. These are the very same tools I use to stay on top of the game.

  • Prospect

    Each day you will be learning a tip or trick to add to your arsenal of sales from letters to send to FSBO's, Farming materials to Scripts and dialogues. Effective follow up systems and campaigns is the lifeblood of any successful agent. I will teach how and when to stay on top of this.

  • Present

    The ability to present your product with the right skills and words along with demonstrating talent and knowledge in the latest tech will win over the client. Successfully closing the sale will lead you to past clients and sphere of influence.

Course curriculum

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    Top 100 Lessons

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    • Day 01 Choosing a Farm (20 minute video)
    • 5 follow up Options
    • Doorknock Mastery (30 Minute Video)
    • Spotio Setup
    • Spotio Setup part 2
    • Spotio Prep for 1000 doors in a week
    • Go out NOW no Excuses Video
    • Mojo Screen Flow Cold Calls
    • Database Management
    • Realtor Safety
    • Scripts to Close on a Maybe Video (20 Minute Video)
    • Follow up system
    • The Do Not Call List
    • From Doorknock lead to Mojo Screen Flow
    • Objections (20 Minute Video)
    • Script "for a Million I would Sell" and "If I find a home"
    • Google Maps for Real Estate (20 Minute Video)
    • Setup Follow up Letters Video
    • Choosing a company and negotiating a split (20 Minute Video)
    • Options for Prospecting
    • Understanding fees and costs at companies
    • Previews and Caravan Pros and Cons (20 Minute Video)
    • Rookie Expectations
    • Mindset (20 minute Video)
    • Fix Photos with MSPaint
    • MIndset Expectations (20 Minute Video)
    • Overcome Fear of Prospecting
    • New Expired Video (20 Minute Video)
    • Branding in the Farm (20 Minute Video)
    • Seller Objection Will use a friend
    • Seasonal Prospecting Obstacles
    • Back end mojo Mechanics (20 Minute Video)
    • Listen to my call as I flow
    • Mindset for the moments
    • Fsbo says My Mom will be the agent
    • Scripts Price Reductions
    • Listing Presentation
    • Halloween marketing
    • Slam package
    • Google Calendar
    • Organizing Digital Files for efficiency
    • Battle Action Plan for the year
    • Mindset Follow up reluctance
    • Scripts Sellers want to cancel listing
    • Financial advice after closing a sale
    • Marketing Expectations part one
    • Google Cal Tetris of Time
    • Social Media Syndication
    • Analyzing Competition
    • SOII Sphere of Intense Interest
    • Super Easy Social Media Posting App
    • Multitask while Prospecting
    • Launch a Media Company part 1 of 3
    • Launch a Media Company part 2 of 3
    • Launch a Media Company 3 of 3 Podcast
    • Do Not Call List Monthly Updates
    • Seasonal Objections
    • Scripts How's The Market (20 Minute Video)
    • Building letter content
    • Create Fast Content on Canva
    • The Listing Presentation Closes
    • Two fast ways to get paid
    • Short Sales part 1 of 7
    • Short Sales part 2 of 7
    • Short Sales part 3 of 7
    • Short Sales part 4 of 7
    • Short Sales part 5 of 7
    • Short Sales part 6 of 7
    • Short Sales part 7 of 7
    • A good script to Doorknock someone in default
    • Tips and scripts for Negotiations with the bank
    • Sample letter to seller asking for paperwork
    • Short sale Negotiations and Communications log
    • How to get Your Discount Commission Back
    • Scripts: What It Really Takes to Sell Your Home
    • Scripts We want you to cut your commission.  Other agents will…
    • Listing Presentation Objections 1 of 2
    • Create fast Video
    • Day 68 Listing Setup
    • Mojo Setup and walk through 1 of 2
    • Mojo Setup and walk through 2 of 2
    • Doorknock approach
    • The Importance of Structure and Focus
    • Believe in Yourself
    • Trial Closes and selling yourself
    • Seller Objections
    • Scripts Seller objections
    • Choosing A Company
    • DNC compliance and MOJO
    • Scripts Seller Offer objections
    • Scripts for the presentation 1 of 2
    • Scripts for the presentation 2 of 2
    • Day 85 Door knocking Powerpoint Template Tutorial
    • New companies fees splits and expectations
    • Teams and training
    • Part timers and real Estate
    • Were to get business
    • Setting your Farms
    • 2019 Action Plan
    • No Edit Video Creation with Instagram

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